China OEM Cycloidal Drive with Good quality

Product  Application

Cycloid reducer is a cycloid needle teeth meshing planetary transmission principle drive models, is an ideal transmission has many advantages, versatile, and can be both positive and negative operation.
Perfect for the machinery and equipment of following industry:
• Power Plant Equipment
• Metallurgical Industry
• Metal Forming Machinery
• Petrochemical Industry & Mining Machine
• Hoisting Machinery
• Construction Industry
• Environmental Protection Industry
• Cable Industry
• Food Machinery


Product  Feature

• Single stage drive with reduction ratio 1:87, high effciency.
• Input shaft and ourput shaft are in the same axis, so it’s compact in structure. .
• Cycloid gear with high overlap coefficient, steady the machine and lower the noise.
• The reducer is made by bearing steel, it’s has a long sevice life.

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